VIDEO: this is what happens when a whale dies …

You may have already wondered what happens to the bodies of large marine mammals when they die … Here is the answer in pictures! Sensitive souls refrain !

A huge source of food

When an animal as big as a whale dies, its carcass benefits many animals, as shown in this magnificent documentary from France 2 broadcast on April 21.

Indeed, it is the great white shark that begins to revel in the flesh of the whale, a great source of energy for it. Then it’s the turn of blue sharks to take part in this feast.

When the whale’s body begins to sink into the depths of the ocean, the requin griset appeared, then smaller animals like the crabs or the black sabers. Finally, the micro-organisms the remains of the skeleton are divided.

Thus, during several months, the whale feeds many species of animals, which shows how necessary their presence is in our oceans …


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