My cat wakes me up at night: 5 tips to finally be able to sleep

It is well known, the cat is above all a nocturnal animal. He enjoys hunting and making his patrols around his territory at night. The cat also spends most of its time sleeping (16 hours a day anyway!). Usually alone during the day, he waits for his master to return in the evening to get busy. Discover 5 essential tips to prevent your cat from waking you up every night because he is bored.

The solution for a cat to sleep at night is to exhaust it during the day. Indeed, a cat who has not spent enough energy during the day will be particularly active at night. So that your cat can exercise when he is alone, several means are available to you.


1. Install a cat flap

If your cat has the possibility of going outside, the ideal is to install a cat flap. So he can go out when he wants to go for a little hunting trip or simply to take your daily walk.

cat flap
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2. Play with him

If the cat spends the day alone sleeping in your apartment, it is advisable to take frenzied games with him as soon as you get home. A little advice: 5 minutes a day is not enough, rather get closer to 1 hour …

cat plays
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3. Use a Pipolino

The Pipolino is a interactive kibble dispenser. Indeed, this toy allows to occupy your cat for a long time. After filling the object with croquettes, place it on the floor against a wall.

Place a kibble between the wall and the Pipolino and call your cat so that he pushes the toy with his paw to access the croquette. The latter will then have to understand that it is necessary roll the Pipolino so that the croquettes fall as you go.

cat toy ball
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4. Leave them toys available

The cat is a born hunter. Whether night or day, it is highly recommended to always leave him toys available so that he can have fun at all times. And don’t hesitate to vary the pleasures by buying or imagining new games every month!

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5. NEVER give in

If you get up, even once, to feed your cat in the middle of the night because he’s coming to you to ask for it, you can be sure he’ll do it again. Cats are intelligent animals that quickly perceive our weaknesses. Do not let your cat walk over it.

If he wakes you up, do not move from your bed. And when the time comes for you to get up, take your time before feeding your hairball to make it understand that it is not the priority.

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