How to make a cold shelter for stray cats in 3 steps

In winter, stray cats are particularly exposed to the cold, which can represent a serious danger for them. To help them warm up a bit, make this makeshift shelter that could save lives in minutes.

What you need :

  • A fairly large plastic bin
  • A big knife
  • Straw or a blanket
  • A cooler
  • Scotch tape

Steps :

1. Drill a hole large enough with a knife to let a cat through

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2. Place the straw or blanket in the bin that should become comfortable. Then add the cooler.

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3. Close the cooler with its cover by taping it securely to the bin.

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Close the bin with its lid and voila! Install this small niche sheltered from the wind and place a little food there to bring in your first residents.

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